23. april 2018

Almost a year ago we had slowly started to work with project FestundThis is a compact 2-storey single house with traditional finishing.

(picture from www.finn.no/114473708)

In september, we had started to assemble the wall elements, and the whole process can be seen in this video below:

You can read more about how the assembly was going, by clicking here: husvikhus.com/fetsund-assembly

In case, you are interested more on having such a house on your own landplot, you can get acquainted with it in our house catalogue and contact us here: husvikhus.com/kvarts

More pictures of completed house can be found here: husvikhus.com/fetsund



18. april 2019


5. april 2019

Signed contract for Hjeratunet project!

Signed contract for project Lindelia

12. october 2018

This week Husvik signing for a huge in-fill type project.

Production in September

18. september 2018

Progress in September