18. december 2023

It has been a very exciting and challenging project in many ways. With this location, which has some of the most demanding weather in Norway, process through the project has been quite tough. This means that the planning and assembly of the cabins had to be done in particular way, as there are extreme forces that you have to think about when designing such buildings. 

The winter of 2022-2023 was very demanding with wind speeds measured as high as 49 m per second in the area. The cabins from Husvik have been stable throughout the process.

Husvik is proud that, together with a number of other suppliers, we really managed to finish the project in November 2023 with a good result.



11. december 2023

Husvik is proud to be chosen as a supplier and partner by one of the leading contractors in Norway.


28. november 2023

The third phase of project Ekerød is starting to take it's shape.

Cabins in Trysil

20. october 2023

Husvik has delivered several cabins to Trysil.

Brinken Klokkarstua

5. july 2023

A unique project has been delivered close to the beautiful Drammensfjord.