11. december 2023

A start-up meeting with AS Backe was very exciting and with a tour of the project, we are humbled by the task. Husvik is very pleased that we can contribute with designing and installation elements on the Skårerbyen project at Lørenskog. The project started assembly in October and the work will continue throughout the winter.

There are a lot of details that have to be put in place during the planning by the engineers in Husvik. This must then be carried out during the assembly of elements on the construction site.

There are always challenges with so many elements, but everything goes according to plan and that is always our goal! Collaboration is a key for success.



18. december 2023

Husvik has now completed the last 8 cabins at Brettesnes.


28. november 2023

The third phase of project Ekerød is starting to take it's shape.

Cabins in Trysil

20. october 2023

Husvik has delivered several cabins to Trysil.

Brinken Klokkarstua

5. july 2023

A unique project has been delivered close to the beautiful Drammensfjord.