Gausdal Hytte

13. june 2018
One more cottage built in beautiful Gausdal area!

The Lodge Trysil

5. june 2018
PEAB visits our Factory to see the production of the Lodge Trysil.

Assembled Olav Trygvasonsgate

8. may 2018
The 3rd house of Olav Trygvasonsgate is finally assembled.


23. april 2018
A nice, compact family house - available in catalog!

Øivindsvei Omsorgsboliger

20. april 2018
Climate wall project for nursing home in Oslo.


4. april 2018
A new project will be built in Åsgårdstrand.


27. march 2018
A simple 1-storey private house project, just deliverd to site.

Brennemoen hotell

2. february 2018
In-fill project in cooperation with NCC

Single houses in january

26. january 2018
A brief look at the single house assembly process in January.
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