Signed contract for project Lindelia

12. october 2018

Husvik is proud to announce that we have signed a contract with Backe Stor Oslo for designing, manufacturing and installing of climate wall elements in project Lindelia. It is an important project for us, as ca.6200 sqm of elements are going to be on production line. The designing process is started already, and it it scheduled to deliver climate walls starting from February, up till August, 2019. 

Project managers (from the left): Martin - Backe Stor Oslo, and Kristaps - Husvik

From Husvik's side, the project is led by Kristaps Juška, teamed up with engineers, production and economics. In 2018 Husvik has delivered 3 major in-fill type projects already and we are aiming to be a preferred partner for delivery of climate walls in such projects!

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Bærum municipality has agreed with Backe Stor Oslo to build a new treatment center. This new center is situated on the hill Lindelia, at Gjettum with a view at the fjord. The first discussions started already in 2017, and it is scheduled to finish the house entirely in the spring of 2020. 

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The treatment house will accommodate 131 resident and will contain 12 sheltered homes for mental health and substance abuse treatment. there will be a new house of 15 000 sqm in three floors. On the first floor, two departments will be suited for people with dementia, with direct access to gardens. 

The main building of residental area will be built in two floors + basementfloor, and area will contain also 10 homes and 2 training houses. 

Husvik's management in process

Engineering team discussing details for the project.

Husvik is looking forward to ensure quality cooperation with Backe Stor Oslo!


SIGNED CONTRACT FOR Torødveien project

25. march 2021

Husvik has signed a contract for Torødveien 126 project.

SIGNED CONTRACT FOR next stage of Raholt project

25. march 2021

Husvik has signed a contract for the second stage of Raholt project, house 4/5/6. The Raholt project includes a chain of compact buildings with ideal planning for comfortable living.

Hundegger Speed Cut Machine SC3

18. march 2021

Husvik keeps moving forward, Hundegger Speed Cut Machine SC3 is ready for any Pre Cut shape. Making difficult and dangerous jobs much faster and precisely.

SIGNED CONTRACT FOR Hurum Kirke Klokkerstua project

18. march 2021

Husvik is proud to announce that has signed a contract with Thorrud Prosjekt AS for Hurum Kirke Klokkerstua project. The designing process is started already, and it is scheduled to deliver the first elements from May/ June 2021.