18. april 2019

Husvik signed contract for delivery of 1st unit of Prinsesseveien project in May, 2018. Almost a year later we’ve produced and delivered 9 of total 16 units.

Production is now underway for next 4 units, which deliveries are starting in May!

About the project

The Prinsesseveien project in Tønsberg municipality is located in the inner part of Prinsesseveien on the north-eastern Eik.

The project is located in an area that borders on Eikbekken and with a view to rural surroundings in Slagendalen - and with location to well-established and very attractive residential area within walking distance to both Nordre and Søndre Eik - with schools, sports fields, kindergartens, outdoor areas and shops right nearby.

This project consists of 16 units spread over 6 detached houses in the chain and 5 vertical divided semi-detached houses with 2 units in each - a total of 10 units.

The housing is built according to building technical regulations - TEK 10. The regulations set requirements for measures in all important areas such as visual quality, accessibility, safety against natural stress, outdoor area, external environment, construction safety, safety by fire, floor plan, environment, health and energy.



18. december 2023

Husvik has now completed the last 8 cabins at Brettesnes.


11. december 2023

Husvik is proud to be chosen as a supplier and partner by one of the leading contractors in Norway.


28. november 2023

The third phase of project Ekerød is starting to take it's shape.

Cabins in Trysil

20. october 2023

Husvik has delivered several cabins to Trysil.