28. july 2022

We have recently delivered a four-apartment house Växeln and currently assembly works are underway for the project Annis Grill.

In addition, we are proud that already in November 2022 we will start deliveries of a new village, consisting of 16 row houses and one twin house.

Project Kiruna  is a large scale re-construction project that foresees town center to be moved 3 kilometers to the east, thus several buildings to be re-located or re-built.


Lofoten Brettesnes

8. september 2022

Another beautiful project on an island just outside Svolvær.

Villa Ekerød

8. august 2022

6 exclusive houses in Fredrikstad are coming to their final shape.


1. august 2022

Various holiday homes built in 2022.

SIGNED CONTRACT FOR next stage of Raholt project

25. march 2021

Husvik has signed a contract for the second stage of Raholt project, house 4/5/6. The Raholt project includes a chain of compact buildings with ideal planning for comfortable living.