Hundegger Speed Cut Machine SC3

18. march 2021

Husvik has invested in a completely new saw and it is now in full operation. It is an advanced saw system and it means that we can greater extent do complicated projects with fewer work operations. Design goes directly from the engineers straight to the saw and it cuts out details and solutions that man could not perform before. We have now had good training and the experience is very positive.

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SIGNED CONTRACT FOR Torødveien project

25. march 2021

Husvik has signed a contract for Torødveien 126 project.

SIGNED CONTRACT FOR next stage of Raholt project

25. march 2021

Husvik has signed a contract for the second stage of Raholt project, house 4/5/6. The Raholt project includes a chain of compact buildings with ideal planning for comfortable living.

SIGNED CONTRACT FOR Hurum Kirke Klokkerstua project

18. march 2021

Husvik is proud to announce that has signed a contract with Thorrud Prosjekt AS for Hurum Kirke Klokkerstua project. The designing process is started already, and it is scheduled to deliver the first elements from May/ June 2021.


18. march 2021

Husvik handed the 3-rd stage at the Hjeratunet project. The first stages of construction on the Hjeratunet are the next sold out, now the 4th is laid out.