5. april 2019

After successful delivery of some nice single house and Pershaugvegen row-house project to Hamar, we are happy to announce that we have signed new contract for Hjeratunet project (FELT 1 and FELT 2) in Dal.

The project is located south of Oslo airport.

It consist of total 88 apartments, and during 2019 it will be assembled 46 of them. The first element deliveries will start in end of May and will be assembled by Husvik team.  

Part of two story buildings to be built in combination with prefabricated concrete slabs “daladekke” from Dala cement. Also, in this project it will be used bathroom cabins to speed up progress on site.

First part of project will be handed over to end users in early 2020.

As always, Husvik will do our best to make a successful project for all involved.

More information about the project: https://www.hjeratunet.no/


SIGNED CONTRACT FOR Torødveien project

25. march 2021

Husvik has signed a contract for Torødveien 126 project.

SIGNED CONTRACT FOR next stage of Raholt project

25. march 2021

Husvik has signed a contract for the second stage of Raholt project, house 4/5/6. The Raholt project includes a chain of compact buildings with ideal planning for comfortable living.

Hundegger Speed Cut Machine SC3

18. march 2021

Husvik keeps moving forward, Hundegger Speed Cut Machine SC3 is ready for any Pre Cut shape. Making difficult and dangerous jobs much faster and precisely.

SIGNED CONTRACT FOR Hurum Kirke Klokkerstua project

18. march 2021

Husvik is proud to announce that has signed a contract with Thorrud Prosjekt AS for Hurum Kirke Klokkerstua project. The designing process is started already, and it is scheduled to deliver the first elements from May/ June 2021.