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How much is 1 m2 of a house?

It is impossible to answer precisely. From experience  mof a house floor area can be between 200 - 800 Eur (w/o VAT). It depends on the house design, employed materials, kind of windows and doors, scope of delivery, etc. So, it is always smart to ask this question along with providing of maximum relevant information you know about the building under consideration. As more information as more accurate the quotation. More, it should be taken into account that Husvik is producer of house elements and can quote only price of the house shell what usually makes 35 -40 % of the total amount of fully completed building. 

To give a price of "turn key" house we should involve our partners from construction companies but reply could ask for bit longer time.

What is the lead time of a house?

Lead time, sure, depends on project volume and complexity as well as on quality and perfection of the information provided and available. It is about 14 weeks needed for delivery of an average size private house to the building site since you've received the first offer from us. The designing and production process lasts 8 -10 weeks and everything depends on speed of communication and cooperation between the customer and Husvik.

Who provides the assembly?

Husvik offers service of its assembling team. Although the project site drawings contain all information for work sequence and unit solutions it is always advisable to assign montage process to experienced and professional staff.

Does Husvik perform foundation and ground works?

No. Husvik provides only geometry of foundation as well as location and values of spot loads.

Are elements shipped with external-finishing?

Yes, but only if it is wooden finishing. In case the project foresees external finishing of other material a corresponding professional staff should be employed.

Does Husvik develop architectural design?

No. To enable Husvik to produce technical design of the house shell and assembling drawings we need ready made architect sketch project.

What is the maximum number of floors in wood frame buildings?

It depends on the project but usually not more than 3-4.

Does Husvik deliver "turn key" house?

No. Husvik is technial designer and producer of house elements. Full construction service is available in cooperation with construction companies who are our partner organizations.

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