Husvik products awarded with SINTEF certificate

SINTEF is independent institution conducting research into tomorrow's technologies in the fields of materials use, architecture, construction physics, climate change adaptation, energy efficiency and infrastructure. SINTEF certification means that materials, solutions and processes employed by the producer are reliable, qualitative and environmentally safe. In order to prolong certification SINTEF authorities do annual inspections of the factory to ascertain that both the final product and fabrication process correspond to expected quality standard. 

To secure stable compliance to high quality on a daily base the company employs in house made quality control system of several levels. The system covers all the processes in designing, production and assembling of the buildings.


Husvik - a company with experience

Husvik experience comprises knowledge about simple private houses, big villas with large glazed facades, kindergartens, multistory apartment houses and public buildings.

Husvik offers the best

Husvik priority is the quality of the product and order execution according to customer preferences