Husvik offers the best

There are walls, floors, roofs, terraces and other house elements produced in the factory at the most completed stage to enable fast and easy assembling on the building site in order to protect the house from environmental effect in the shortest time possible. It can be either private houses, apartment buildings or different public buildings. First, an engineering and designing work is accomplished and afterwards follows manufacturing process in the factory and assembling service at building site. You could benefit of our experience in designing and construction of quality and energy efficient housing.

Employment of high and stable quality raw materials is a mandatory precondition for high quality of our final product.  More over, the material quality must be exactly the one what customer has expected, to make him satisfied and not make to pay more as planned. Husvik procures materials mostly in Baltic countries and Scandinavia. The main criteria for our suppliers are stability of the quality, preciseness and reliability.



Husvik - a company with experience

Husvik experience comprises knowledge about simple private houses, big villas with large glazed facades, kindergartens, multistory apartment houses and public buildings.

Husvik products awarded with SINTEF certificate

Husvik SIA is SINTEF certified producer since 2011.