SIA HUSVIK - wooden panel house factory, founded in 2006 by Norwegian businessmen. SIA Husvik is working in accordance with the Norwegian housing construction standards. The company's services include project planning, technical design, manufacturing process and  house assembly on the site. Husvik is not yet a full cycle construction company and the projects are realised in collaboration with partner organizations. Since 2011, Husvik production is awarded with SINTEF certification. 
Our production facility is located in More, Sigulda district (Latvia) and we can make up to 90 000 m2 of house elements per year. Our main market is Norway although we have performed several projects in Sweden, Finland and Latvia, too.

Husvik - a company with experience

Husvik experience comprises knowledge about simple private houses, big villas with large glazed facades, kindergartens, multistory apartment houses and public buildings.

Husvik products awarded with SINTEF certificate

Husvik SIA is SINTEF certified producer since 2011.

Husvik offers the best

Husvik priority is the quality of the product and order execution according to customer preferences